Conveying pumps

SPR 50 for plastering

The SPR 50 plastering machine with a screw pump is designed primarily for pumping, conveying and spraying of plaster mixtures with a particle size of up to 6 mm. The device output can be adjusted with its variable-speed drive or by using pumps of different capacity. To spray plaster, the SPR 50 conveying pump must have compressed air at 400-800 L/min (3-6 bar). Using different spray guns and pistols, plaster can be applied to walls for smoothing surfaces. Differently structured sprayed plaster surfaces can be made by using different plaster spray guns.

The SPR 50 plastering machine can be also used to pump floor-levelling mixtures. Due to the simple construction of the conveying pump, its casing made from galvanised steel and the large rubber wheels the device is very reliable and can be conveniently moved around during construction work. Plaster pumping and spraying machine for smoother construction work.


plaster mixtures, plastering